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The European owner, developer and operator of carrier-neutral, multi-tier datacentres, DATA4 Group, has announced that it has signed an agreement with an un-named global Infrastructure as a Service provider, which will see the latter lease...

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Exclusive Networks Group has announced its acquisition of global managed IT services provider, ITEC Intelligent Services who are headquartered in Wokingham. As well as complementing the value-adding expertise of the Group's Passport 24/7 professional services, the...


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Data Centres Europe 5
Published: quarterly

In this update of the 2012 report, data centre markets across 18 Western European countries, key suppliers and industry issues have been analysed.

As well as comprehensive analyses of the 17 countries profiled in previous reports, Iceland is now also included.


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Colocation Markets Quarterly
Published: July 2014

New, timely data covering the four Tier 1 cities in Europe - Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London/M25, and Paris

Colocation Market Quarterly (“CMQ”) will provide metrics covering key performance indicators including supply, demand, pricing, market share for key players, key changes over the quarter and other commentary.