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  • Datacloud Nordic 2016
  • Datacloud Nordic 2016

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Army data centres: Too many to count

The Army is preparing to turn over operations of all its data centres to the Defense Information Systems Agency. It plans to reduce them from the hundreds scattered throughout the world today to only 10, said the service's top network operations officer. How many data centres does the Army have today? Nobody in the service really knows, said Maj. Gen. Mark Bowman, director of architecture, operations, networks and space at the Department of the Army. The Army is attempting to count them, "but they are popping up all over the place," he said at the Milcom conference here. He defined a data centre as any structure of more than 300 sq ft "with a lot of servers."


The Army wants to get out of the business of running servers altogether and turn most of them over to DISA, which can run them more efficiently and at a lower cost, he said. The goal is to have consolidated all the servers into the 10 centres by 2015.


Source: National Defense Magazine


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Datacloud Nordic 2016

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