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  • Datacloud Nordic 2016
  • Datacloud Nordic 2016

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Climate-neutral Datacenter EvoSwitch Develops 2nd Phase

Since the opening in April 2007, EvoSwitch, the Dutch carrier-neutral datacenter that operates climate-neutrally, has already filled one-third of the capacity of the first phase with customers. As a result, EvoSwitch is now commencing with the development of the 2nd phase, scheduled for completion in the 2nd quarter of 2008. The development of the 2nd phase will double existing capacity. At present, 2,000 m2 of the available 9,000 m2 are ready to house customers' equipment. Before long, that will be 4,000 m2. The same amount of infrastructural equipment will also be added on top of the existing infrastructure. Two 2.5 MVA transformers are currently being used, but soon this will be four. In addition to the two existing UPS', two new ones will be put into use, each with a capacity of 2 MVA. Another eight emergency power generators, including a double reserve set, will be added in addition to the two existing ones of 1.5 MVA. According to EvoSwitch, The new rooms will be able to use 4 to 5 KW on average. They also state they have had stronger than expected growth with customers from England, Germany, the United States and Cyprus with many customers indicating that the green aspect of EvoSwitch is important for them. If customer growth follows the same trend, the first phase of EvoSwitch will be completely full in six months which is why they are undertaking phase 2. The development of the 2nd phase is a capital-intensive undertaking with EvoSwitch investing no less than 7 million euros in the construction thereof.

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Datacloud Nordic 2016

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