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Data centres integral to high-speed broadband in UK

The Government needs to focus on the networking within the data centre if it hopes to provide good broadband speeds to the rest of the country, according to Marcus Jewell, manager of Brocade in the UK, who claims there is a risk of “putting the cart before the horse” if both MPs and ISPs don’t look deeper into the network when debating broadband infrastructure across the nation. Jewell comments come in response to the ex-chief technology officer of BT, Peter Cochrane, who called on the ramping up of broadband speeds in the UK to ensure region won’t be “frozen out of the next industrial revolution”.

The Government needs to wake up to the urgent need for technologies that do not slow connection speeds at source. “It’s worrying that government and consumers seem to believe that broadband speeds are entirely reliant on the wire that delivers the service to the premises,” he said. “The current debate is about fibre-to-the-cabinet or fibre-to-the-home. Unfortunately, this ignores what is happening in the data centre itself, which is integral to the success of any broadband strategy.”

Source: iTPro

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