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Fasthosts reveals ’Cloud Attitudes’ study

Fasthosts’ ’Cloud Attitudes’ study, conducted by IDC, has found that 60% of UK businesses still do not leverage any type of cloud-computing service and so miss out on benefits such as increased performance, scalability, and cost savings. Taking the example of storage, whilst a pleasing 82% of firms recognise the need for data back-up off-site, only 16% are using a flexible cloud-based storage option for this. Over two thirds (69%) have no plans to explore cloud-computing in this way. 

A key finding of the research is that a total of 1 in 5 companies suspect they will side-step cloud-computing all-together. The study suggests that performance, scalability and cost benefits are not widely known by UK business users. A key reason for reluctance to embrace new cloud computing technologies is a lack of staff expertise, with 1 in 4 firms admitting this is a primary concern for them.

Source: Web Wire

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