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  • Datacloud Nordic 2016

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HK data centres lack the renewable energy option

Data centres in Hong Kong can never become greener as the local government is lukewarm to the use of renewable energy, said Greenpeace during an interview with Computerworld Hong Kong.

"With an 18% growth in local data centre floor space from 2010 to 2011, the government has no metrics for assessing the environmental impact of energy used to power data centres," said Yau Yeung, Greenpeace's Clean Our Cloud campaigner in Hong Kong. "The problem will get worse because data centres and cloud providers have no choice but to use 'dirty' energy produced by coal, gas, and nuclear power in Hong Kong. The current local grid mix is 54% by coal, 23% by nuclear energy, and 23% by natural gas, according to a recent Greenpeace report "How Clean is your Cloud", adding that electricity generation accounts for 67% of local greenhouse gas emissions. The local government proposes to only increase the use of renewable energy - currently less than 1% - to 1-2% by 2020,  Yeung observed. "That means tech firms like Google - which receives high marks for being more transparent about its energy use and committing to use renewable energy in our latest report - won't be able to do the same in its Hong Kong data centre slated to go live in 2013," said Yeung. ".

Source: PC Advisor

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Datacloud Nordic 2016

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