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Use a tiered cloud strategy to skirt outages

Two seemingly unrelated events in the cloud computing space should make you think about taking a different approach to your sourcing strategy for the cloud. The first event: Cloud outages, such as the recent Microsoft Azure failure, have shown us that no single cloud is infallible. The second event: Google,, and Microsoft have all dropped their cloud services' prices.

The second event means you can deal with the first event better. In your own data centre, you'd have your servers fail over to others if needed. And any large organization will have a failover strategy to other data centres or external providers for business-critical information and processes so that an outage doesn't stop the business. You should have exactly the same strategy in the cloud, and with the lower prices, it may not be cost effective to use a few clouds at a time to hedge your IT bets or to use cloud providers as tiers, much like you do with storage and compute servers within the data centres, when reliability by using redundant systems is a requirement.

Source: InfoWorld

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