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  • Datacloud Asia 2017
  • Datacloud Asia 2017
  • VM-Ware Reports On Growing Virtualisation Trend

    VMware, a virtualization software company, believes that the need to reduce energy cost is now the main driver behind the growth in virtualization in the Data Centre. VM-Ware President Diane Greene speaking at a New York conference predicted that the energy rebates for the use of a shared virtualization server replacing independent servers offered initially by Pacific Gas & Electric Co (PG&E) will become common place as other electricity providers follow suit.

  • AMD Launches New High Energy Efficient Processors

    AMD has launched Opteron processor models in both highly efficient (68 watt) and mainstream (95 watt) thermal envelopes. AMD has expanded the breadth of its low-power solutions with AMD Opteron processor Models 1218 HE, 2218 HE and 8218 HE. Designed to offer performance-per-watt at only 68-watt maximum thermal design power, these processors are targeted at customers looking to reduce power and cooling bills and to achieve greater density in the data centre.

  • Power Consumption Doubles In US Data Centres, Study Finds

    Data Centres in the US consume 45 Billion kWh annually according to a new study conducted by Jonathan Koomey, a consulting professor at Stanford University and staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, and commissioned by microprocessor vendor Advanced Micro Devices has revealed that power consumption by Data Centres in the US has doubled since 2000. In US data centres in 2000, there were approximately 5.6 million servers installed in total, including about 4.9 million low-end servers; 663,000 mid-range servers; and 23,000 high-end servers, according to Koomey's study.

  • Schneider Completes APC Acquisition

    Schneider Electric has completed its USD6.1 billion acquisition of American Power Conversion (APC). The combination of APC and MGE UPS Systems creates a major new competitor in the power and cooling services market. Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire said the acquisition will generate value for customers through a broader choice of tailored solutions.

  • Liebert Launches Data Centre Cooling Architecture

    The Liebert Adaptive Architecture is a set of solutions and services that include precision cooling, power protection and monitoring. Comprising of the Liebert XD and Liebert XDFN ranges, the Liebert Adaptive Architecture provides the level of cooling flexibility required by data centres. Liebert XD is an adaptive precision cooling platform for applications producing from 5 to 15kW per rack that target hotspots. The XD solution uses gas coolant, thus eliminating water circulation inside the data centre.

  • Scandinavia Pitching Cool And Green Data Centre Location

    Securing sufficient power and maintaining a cool environment without using masses of energy, staying green and zero carbon footprint, represent the greatest challenges confronting data centres today. So, why is IT by Scandinavia any better? A number of benefits accrue to the region. One is power. The UK and other western countries have in recent times been at the mercy of Russian energy pipelines. Norway however has now given its pledge on 'reliable energy supply' and is well-placed to provide continental Europe with secure energy supplies.

  • Green Grid White Papers Launched For Energy Efficiency In Data Centres

    The Green Grid, a non-profit consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centres has announced the completion of its formation, membership structure, technical charter, and made available three new white papers. The consortium believes that energy efficiency is the key challenge facing data centres today, due to exponential increases in power and cooling costs over the past few years. Customer demand for concentrated computing is outpacing the availability of clean reliable power in many places around the world.

  • EU Considers Voluntary Code For Data Centre Energy Efficiency

    The European Commission is considering introducing a voluntary code of conduct on energy efficiency for data centre operators. The Renewable Energies Unit of the Commission's Joint Research Centre will meet in London to discuss the idea. Environmental agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol, which placed limits on greenhouse gas emissions for countries, are driving government interest in reducing energy consumption.

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