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  • Datacloud Nordic 2016
  • Datacloud Nordic 2016
  • Ragingwire Receives Sustainable Business Award

    RagingWire Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (RES), a premier data center infrastructure and managed services provider, has been awarded the Sacramento Sustainable Business Award from Sacramento County's Business Environmental Resource Center. RagingWire was selected for this award for achieving high levels of energy efficiency and implementing pollution prevention measures across many areas of their business.

  • Equinix Switzerland Awarded Green Energy Certificate

    Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq:EQIX), a provider of network-neutral datacentres and Internet exchange services, has announced that its four Switzerland based centres have been certified as operating on 100% green energy. The company's three Zurich based centres were recently certified by Naturemade Star, the Swiss label for green power production and green electricity products. These centres receive hydropower provided by ewz, the Zurich-based electricity supplier. Equinix's Geneva centre was converted to hydropower at the beginning of 2005 and has received the same certification.

  • Fujitsu Siemens Computers Offers Free Energy Assessment To Irish Data Centres

    Fujitsu Siemens Computers is offering a free energy assessment to Irish data centres. Where it fails to identify how a data centre can save its power costs by 40pc it will donate 10K to environmental charity The Climate Group. The 'dynamic data centre challenge' issued by the company invites organisations running data centres to let Fujitsu Siemens Computers demonstrate where it can reduce the power consumption costs, operating costs and physical footprint of an organisation's data centre by at least 40pc.

  • Cisco Supports Scotland As A Data Centre Location

    Cisco has been widely reported as supporting the call for businesses to select Scotland as a location for their new Data Centre. The main benefit of Scotland lies in the availability of renewable energy resources including water and wind-power generation facilities. The company believes it is possible to build Data Centres that are 100 per cent green using wind and tidal in addition to the telecoms infrastructure and the high-capacity networks.

  • Intel Announces Award Scheme For Most Efficient Data Centre In Emea

    Intel has set up the Intel Data Center Efficiency Award scheme. IT officers have until November 30 to enter their data centre from the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) in the competition. In December, a jury of experts will then short-list five in data centres that they will then visit. In January of 2008, the winner will be announced, and in the spring Intel will publish case studies on best practices. In addition to publicity, the winner will receive free consulting from data centre experts to help increase efficiency even further.

  • Rackspace Publishes Environmental Study ? Users Willing To Pay More

    US-based Web Hosting provider Rackspace Managed Hosting has published a customer survey which indicates that 62 per cent of respondents are concerned by their environmental impact and are looking for ways to reduce it. Some 52 per cent of respondents stated that they would be willing to pay between 5 to 10 per cent more for green products or service offerings. Separately some 51 per cent of users are willing to trade 5 to 10 per cent of their server performance to achieve lower carbon emissions.

  • Outsourcing Is Increasingly Subject To Green Criteria

    US and European customers are including green and environmental criteria in their vendor selection process for outsourcing contracts, according to The Black Book of Outsourcing report from consultancy Brown & Wilson Group. Some 21 per cent of US and European companies with outsource contracts in place have added green policies and performance indicators to their existing outsourcing agreements already during 2007.

  • Research From IBM Highlights The Slow Adoption Of Green IT By Companies

    IBM sponsored research claims that while green issues are becoming more high profile within companies few businesses have as yet looked at implementing a green IT policy. Some 42 per cent of the 213 IT executives surveyed do not monitor the energy impact of their IT spending. More than half do not measure the environmental impact of IT usage whilst one third of respondents do have some measurement in place. Most companies do appear to have a board level executive responsible for reducing their carbon footprint. But only 45 per cent have a programme in place to reduce carbon emissions.

  • BT Provides Carbon Footprint Calculator For Businesses

    BT's newly formed Global Services sustainability practice has launched a service to assist large companies reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Companies are able to calculate the amount of CO2 emissions produced as a result of their networked IT services. Available in the UK and the USA the BT carbon impact assessment calculates the impact of people's work patterns (such as commuting), business operations, shared services and building infrastructure. It also allows the carbon impact of a series of what if measures to be made in order to assess future scenarios.

  • Tesco To Reduce Data Centre Carbon Footprint

    Tesco, the UK's biggest supermarket chain, is implementing a Green IT strategy as part of a company wide initiative to halve its total carbon footprint by 2020. The company has already experimented in its Data Centres with raising the ambient temperature inside the facility and had reduced the amount of air conditioning required. At the same time the company was putting in place a scheme to check the energy consumption of new IT equipment as a means of selecting and measuring energy efficient hardware.

  • Equinix Sydney Adopts Emerson?s Gas Cooling Systems

    Equinix's Sydney data centre has adopted Emerson Network Power's XD in-row refrigerated gas cooling system. The new system uses Liebertbranded equipment that sits between racks of equipment which apparently improves on under-floor cooling by placing cooling units adjacent to equipment. Equinix installed the system for a client whose computers are configured in a density that exceeds the overall cooling rating for the data centre. The data centre is designed to cool two kilowatts per cabinet.

  • AtlantaNAP Upgrades Power

    Colocation data centre and carrier neutral facility located in Atlanta Georgia, AtlantaNAP, has completed its new 2 megawatt UPS expansion, a system designed to provide power in the coming year, as well as provide true redundancy as an alternate a/b power arrangement. The system consists of 5 500 kw MGE EPS units in a parallel frame with full wraparound bypass. This allows them to provide N 1 redundancy to users primary on the system. It is backed up by a 2 megawatt parallel N 1 redundant generator system that is made up of 5 500 KW generators paralleled together.

  • Green Data Centre To Be Built By Galileo Connect

    Galileo Connect is to build a new, sustainable data centre near the Bank of England printing works, just outside London, as part of its GBP 540 million expansion plan. The company recently acquired the three acre site in Loughton, Essex and will complete construction of the GBP 40 million development in October 2008. The company is also building a GBP 200 million data centre in Paris, which it hopes to finish by September next year. Another data centre in Canberra, Australia has also been confirmed.

  • Power Upgrade Makes Additional Space Available At Equinix London West Datacentre

    Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq:EQIX), a leading provider of network-neutral datacentres and Internet exchange services, has announced that it has completed a power upgrade at its London West (LD2) datacentre. To facilitate the upgrade, Equinix negotiated with the local power utility to increase the grid power serving the building. The company also enhanced the cooling infrastructure and the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator backup systems that support customers' needs for continuous and reliable power.

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Datacloud Nordic 2016

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